I am an artist and researcher focusing on verbal-visual communication.

I earned a PhD in History and an MA in Humanities from York University, an MA in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas from Tel Aviv University (magna cum laude), and a B.Ed. specializing in the Fine Arts from Beit Berl College. Through my artwork and doctoral project, I developed “Multiform Grammar.”

Multiform grammar (MFG) is a grammatical system for the combination of words and images. It explains how we integrate words and images into a cohesive and coherent message. MFG is timely as it enables us to better understand a mode of communication typical to the digital era and to use it effectively and creatively.

In this blog, I explore verbal-visual communication in educational and artistic contexts. I offer here new concepts and tools to analyze combinations of words and images while raising our awareness of their effectiveness. This awareness also increases our ability to use them intentionally and creatively.

I provide consultation and the following design services:

  • Educational Resources – I develop presentations, learning management systems (LMS), and handouts to convey ideas clearly and enhance student engagement
  • Creative Assignments for Learners – I design active and uplifting learning in the spirit of Experiential Education to enhance student comprehension, retention, and implementation of the learning material
  • Original Images – I create fresh and unique visuals for your website, LMS, social media, books, etc. These include drawings, paintings, and photographs
  • Art Installations and Placemaking – I animate public spaces such as campuses, schools, libraries, and community centres using combinations of words and images to inspire people
  • Community Exhibitions – I curate exhibitions that represent and celebrate specific communities and their experiences
  • Public Talks and Hands-on Workshops – I teach Multiform Grammar to advance the awareness and intentional use of verbal-visual communication

You are welcome to email me at noayaari@yorku.ca or send a message through the contact page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Noa Yaari - World Map

Noa Yaari, World Map, 2007. Ink and oil on paper, 80×120 cm