Hello, my name is Noa Yaari, I’ve recently earned my PhD in History from York University, Toronto.

My blog The Multiform Grammar Lab (previously titled Visual Literacy in History) explores intersections of words and images in the creation and communication of knowledge. It is based on my doctoral thesis entitled “Multiform Arguments in the Historiography of Individualism in Pre-Modern Europe.” My dissertation provides new terminology to describe arguments that are compiled of words and images, which I term “multiform arguments.” It also offers new analytical methods to examine the varied structures and functions of multiform arguments, and promotes approaching them by being aware of their effectiveness.

The multiform Grammar Lab is currently a virtual lab, but its manifestation as a locus for conducting empirical research on intersections of words and images is in progress. The objectives of the project are to:

  • Deepen our understanding of intersections of words and images in the creation and communication of knowledge, applying state-of-the-art research that combines methods from the Humanities (text analysis and argumentation), the Neurocognitive Sciences (especially tracking readers’ eye movements), and Computer Science (computation of semantic relations and image annotation). A team of experts in those fields will conduct the research and publish its results.
  • Deliver workshops to students and faculty that foster creative and effective juxtaposition of words and images in teaching and learning contexts. These workshops combine hands-on experience and acquisition of relevant concepts, based on the new conceptual framework that I developed in my Doctoral project and principles from UDL (Universal Design for Learning).
  • Collaborate with Teaching and Learning, and Writing Centers, to advance the use of verbal-visual thought and expression through diverse technologies.
  • Initiate and organize symposia, exhibitions and other activities for the academic community and the general public about intersections of words and images, their applications throughout history, and their current use in varied fields.

Since I’m also an artist, the blog features my artwork as well. Click on the map below to see the painting’s details.

Noa Yaari - World Map

Noa Yaari, World Map, 2007. Ink and oil on paper, 80×120 cm