Artist in Residence

My work-from-home project is the preparation of a solo exhibition for the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, Toronto. The project titled “Artist in Residence” will show how I feel as an artist who works at home these days.

I will exhibit the project in the main hallway at the Centre. It’s a wide hallway with two currently empty walls. On one wall, I’m planning to display a panel of twenty acrylic paintings. On the other, a “visual echo” of the first wall. I’m still thinking about how this echo or resonance will look. At any rate, the relationship between the two walls will push the viewers to figure out the principle behind that elusive repetition.

I’m pasting here several images of the paintings and the evolving panel. I almost finished the eighth one. Around three weeks ago, I showed the project in an online Meetup gathering. We discussed possible interpretations of moons and stars that are close to “stay safe.”

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