A Creative and Effective Grammar

Multiform grammar (MFG) allows 👥 who aren’t 👍 in regular grammar to 🎉 their  communication 🏋️and 🏌️. It does so since it 🐣 new paths for , logic, and 🐒.

I’m analyzing here the phrase “communication 🏋️and 🏌️.” 🏋 signifies strength, power, capability, competence, endurance, resilience, etc. In this phrase, we interpret it as a noun that the adjective “communication” modifies. But we can also interpret 🏋 as a verb; for example, lifting, raising, elevating, pushing, and holding. This double meaning creates space for dynamism within this phrase, which gains further momentum with 🏌. The gesture of hitting the golf ball builds momentum through the impetus that it gives to the ball. At the same time, it releases the tension that 🏋 holds. Moreover, through this gesture, the bar between the weights turns into the golf club, and the weights (or at least one of them) turn into the golf ball, which is the period that closes the whole sentence.

A grammatical system that uses a period as a golf ball doesn’t allow us to evaluate its performance through “right” and “wrong,” but rather “creative” and “effective.”

The🏌 seems to complete the gesture while missing the ball. Does it matter grammatically, or at all?

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