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On Why Multiform References are an Intimate Rhetorical Device

Multiform References (MFRs) are the rhetorical devices that authors use to shift their readers’ attention between words and images to create a new, unified representation or meaning. I argue here that MFRs are an intimate rhetorical device and that, consequently, … Continue reading

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The Voice Multiform Reference

Does the fact that English is written from left to right and Hebrew from right to left influence the way we use emojis in messages in these two languages? To answer this question, I offer a new kind of multiform … Continue reading

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Finally, Out for Delivery

Noa Yaari, Finally, Out for Delivery (detail of Artist of Residence), 2020. Ink and acrylic on paper. 30 x 35.5 cm. Koschitsky Centre for Jewish Studies, York University, Toronto.

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I recently started to work at an online project that teaches English-speaking kids another language. The program encourages them to shift their attention repetitively between the written words and the images to acquire the new language. These shifts integrate the … Continue reading

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Multiform Grammar and the Sense of Belonging

On August 4, I’ll be giving an online hands-on workshop at the Learning Enrichment Foundation titled “The Artist in Me: Using Art to Build a Sense of Belonging.” In it, I will show my art projects at York University and … Continue reading

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When the Technique is the Name of the Artwork

Today I posted on LinkedIn an image with the text “Ink and acrylic on paper.” Noa Yaari, Ink and Acrylic on Paper. 2020. Mixed media. Toronto. Since then, I’ve been thinking about the connection between the title of the artwork … Continue reading

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On Campus, We Can All Be Artists

Universities would benefit from allowing their students, faculty, and staff to exhibit their art on campus and from programing and supporting this activity. This would encourage the community to be creative, practice communication, develop confidence, expand its networking, and form … Continue reading

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Artist in Residence

My work-from-home project is the preparation of a solo exhibition for the Israel and Golda Koschitzky Centre for Jewish Studies at York University, Toronto. The project titled “Artist in Residence” will show how I feel as an artist who works … Continue reading

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A Creative and Effective Grammar

Multiform grammar (MFG) allows who aren’t  in regular grammar to their  communication ️and ️. It does so since it new paths for , logic, and . I’m analyzing here the phrase “communication ️and ️.”  signifies strength, power, capability, competence, endurance, resilience, etc. In this phrase, we … Continue reading

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What Works

Today I gave a talk at the conference “World History Association of Texas – Phi Alpha Theta” at St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas (via Zoom). My talk entitled “Approaching History and the Arts with Multiform Grammar” introduced my academic … Continue reading

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