Artistic Technique in Image Captions

Identification of the artistic technique in captions reveals the main materials from which the artist has created their work, and, to a certain extent, the operations involved in it. Different materials and measurements of artworks require varied modes of working, therefore, pointing them out can raise questions about the use of specific tools, collaboration with other people and institutions, and interactions with local and international markets. Moreover, artistic technique suggests artistic traditions, discourses and schools that the work can be associated with, that the artist consciously or unconsciously addresses. Artistic technique, therefore, is a component within the caption that can develop new directions of understanding the artwork, analyzing its material, operational, social and psychological aspects. Historiography that points out this kind of information allows the visual evidence to testify not only to what is seen on its printed surface, but also to the varied processes that were involved in its creation, enriching it with context.


Venessa Bell, Abstract Painting, 1914. Oil and gouache on canvas, 44.1×38.7 cm, Tate Gallery, London
(Image source: qw2Sc8YG3UI/VNWUC4RBx6I/AAAAAAAANjk/00TdhcRhtrs/s1600/vanessa%2Bbell%2Babstract.jpg)
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