Indexation of Artists and Artworks

Indexation, like the list of illustrations, is a method that directs readers to artists, artworks and other related terms in the book; it makes them searchable, accessible and consequently more available for further study and discussion. When entries in the index indicate where terms are used in relation to other terms, the index provides the readers with historical contexts, since associations between terms reflect a certain connection between different past phenomena. Thus, when the index associates names and terms that are used in the image-captions with other terms used in the book, it links visual culture with other cultural and social domains. Further, this association indicates how the author sees visual culture in relation to these domains, and how they envision the readers doing so. Any indexation of artists, artworks and related terms is a representation of their representation in the book, and as such it has a political power over their place in the historical discourse.


M. C. Escher, Drawing Hands, 1948. Lithograph, 28.2 x 33.2 cm
(Image source:
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