Names of Artists in Captions

Names of artists in captions enable the readers to look at artists as individuals who collectively create a professional community. The overall thesis of the historical book brings specific artists into the study, in most cases, based on commonalities in their work. Such shared features can be subject matter, symbolism and technique; all point to shared artistic tradition and conventions, body of knowledge, exposure to circulated ideas, and the ability – physical, intellectual and emotional – to express those through artistic work. Looking at the illustrations collectively in the book sheds light on the era in which these artworks were created; on contemporary artistic methods and the results of implementing them. Using the same kind of observation of all the names in the captions of the illustrations, the readers gain a perspective on the contemporary human factor, which used those artistic methods. Further, if there is a list of illustrations in the book, that indicates artists’ names, this professional community is displayed collectively. This enables the readers to see the number of works each artist has in the book, and if the readers are familiar with the artists, they can also identify connections between them. These two possibilities can enrich the reading, the understanding of the illustrated study, as well as the consumption of the art.

Helmut Newton, MANNEQUINS, QUAI D’ORSAY, 1984. Silver print, 24.1 x 36.2 cm
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